Canadian Contributions To Ww2 Analysis

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From the years 1939 until 1945, Canada’s contributions played a large role in determining the outcome of World War Two. The war helped push Canada out of a depression because once war was declared, Canada switched from regular factory production into military production, forces were expanding rapidly and factories began to create more job opportunities for women. The war also helped women be seen as strong and more powerful because of the jobs they had, like making ammunition and different parts for military vehicles. Also, many women enlisted to aid the war effort directly by creating the C.W.A.C and the W.D. Their contributions were just as important as military production, and rationing, which helped the soldiers acquire the supplies they need, like food, clothing and blankets. Although the Canadian contributions overseas were important to win World War Two, Canada’s home front and their contributions were proved to be integral to help lead the allies to victory over the axis powers in 1945. To begin with, when Canada declared war on Nazi Germany, Canada’s army was severely underprepared in the…show more content…
Once a $5 or $10 book was filled with the stamps, [it] would be sent to the War Office and we would get a $5 or $10 War Bond. Once the war was over, we could turn them in and collect the money plus interest. So the big thing for birthdays or for Christmas was to get a war stamp for our gift.” (20). This method, among increasing taxation and investing in war bonds, helped the Canadian youth earn a sense of pride for Canada and, “...[Come] out of the war with a better understanding of what hardships meant, even though they were minor compared to the war countries.” (21). It also helped the war effort by raising funds for the government, which would be put to use by paying for the production, transportation and storage of military supplies

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