1984 Totalitarian Government Essay

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In the book 1984, a totalitarian-like government has control over Oceania and regulates almost all activities that take place within the society. The government is headed by Big Brother and the four ministries. They have completely ruled over everything but the proles, which is why they are so dangerous to the society they do rule over. The main theme is how powerful a totalitarian government can be if they get a whole country to believe their cause. Big Brother and the government control the citizens through scare tactics. They set up telescreens and send the Thought Police on frequent patrols to monitor everyone throughout Oceania, setting up a perfect dystopia. Telescreens watch over the people whenever possible to ensure no one tries to rebel against the regime. If the telescreen picks up suspicious mental or physical activities, the Thought Police will find the culprit and vaporize them from existence. The Thought Police also set up their own patrols and will search among the crowds for…show more content…
One improvement I could use in my paper is adding a hook/attention getter to the opening. I actually added no hook anywhere within the introduction. Without some sort of hook, no matter how good the paper may be further on, it seems dull and can cause a reader to be disinterested. All other four points are included but the hook is arguably the most important part and it is missing. I usually like a humorous hook to begin a paper however, for this particular novel that would be somewhat difficult so instead I would use a striking statement, quote, or hypothetical situation. Another adjustment I should have made is adding the three points I used at the end- controlled media, ministries, and people- to the thesis. This would give a more clear thesis and help the reader understand what points I'm trying to make. Even though adjustments would also have to be made to the rest of the thesis and opening, I feel like it would attract whoever is looking over the paper a little

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