Comparing Communism And Delusion In Animal Farm

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Communism and Delusion in Animal Farm and North Korea Animal Farm, written by novelist George Orwell (1903-1950) and published in England in 1945, is a story of delusion caused by communism and propaganda, a common theme in dictatorships worldwide. In this story, Mr. Jones, the owner of the farm, is a drunk that failed to feed the animals properly causing them to feel mistreated. Old Major, a very intelligent pig, expresses to the rest of the animals how terrible it is to live under the rules of the humans, planting the seed of rebellion. He then dies, leaving curious and confused fellow animals behind. A struggle of power occurs between Napoleon and Snowball, Snowball meaning to help the farm and a furious Napoleon destroying Snowball’s plan. Napoleon realizes that he must seize power quickly. He trains dogs to protect him runs Snowball off the farm, achieving the power he wants. He uses Snowball’s plan for the windmill to impress the animals, but not to lighten the work load. Napoleon sends Squealer to spread propaganda and lies throughout the animals. Blaming Snowball…show more content…
About one hundred and fifty thousand to two hundred thousand prisoners are still being held in prison camps. The people held in those prison camps were mostly trying to escape the country or express their own opinions. North Korea has no freedom of speech just like at Animal Farm. Napoleon spreads lies and changes the rules in his favor. He controls the animals by scaring them with his dogs and actually killing animals that lie to him or talk behind his back. Kim Jong Un uses the same tactic, having members of his own family executed for political reasons and playing recordings of anti-free world propaganda throughout the prison camps to keep his prisoners’ spirits down. In this way, Kim Jong Un keeps his power and keeps everything in his country

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