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Hi, my name is Christina Anton & I’m doing the section on The Simpsons. The Simpsons is an animated comedy on FOX about a dysfunctional white (or rather yellow) lower middle class cartoon family living in the colorful fictional suburb of Springfield, USA. The Simpsons family consists of bumbling father, Homer, and submissive mother, Marge, and their three kids, mischievous Bart, intelligent Lisa, & baby Maggie, and follows them as they navigate the trials and tribulations of growing up and raising children in today’s society. The purpose of the show is to provide a humorous satire on the working-class nuclear family, the American dream, gender politics, popular culture, modern societal norms, & human behavior. The main concepts behind the humor…show more content…
By communicating these concepts, the show highlights and pokes fun at the gender-related issues that both men and women struggle with in a society that forces both sexes to conform to a certain way of behaving & illustrates the inequities commonly experienced by women in a “man’s world”. For example, Homer points this gender-based double standard out by commenting to Lisa that if she were a boy, she’d be a scientist. In this respect, these messages support the status quo, but they are only represented in the media to make us aware of the gender binary. The Simpson family and their extended circle of relatives and friends offer an interesting perspective on everyday life and often parody the gender roles and stereotypes that are traditionally accepted and valued by our modern society. The humorous lampooning of these gender-based double standards in a cartoon form strips the media of its pretenses and allows the viewers to become aware of the double standards in the real world by criticizing them and revealing their true

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