Instant Noodles

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Preparation of protein-enriched instant noodles The formula for protein-enriched instant noodles consisted of 100 g all-purpose wheat flour (United Flour Mill Public Co., Ltd., Thailand), 37 g distilled water, 2 g NaCl, 10 g chicken meat (Betagro Public Co., Ltd, Thailand), 10 g egg yolk (Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Co., Ltd, Thailand) and 2 g dried seaweed (Daesang Corporation, the Republic of Korea), 1.60 g/100 g flour of guar gum (Weinfelderstrasse 13, Spain), and 1.90 g/100 g flour of carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC)(Ashland, France). Wheat flour, dried seaweed, and chicken meat were mixed in the mixing bowl prior to the addition of egg yolk, 7 g distilled water, and 30 g distilled water containing NaCl, guar gum, CMC. All ingredients were…show more content…
Proximate analysis of instant noodles by the different dehydration process Crude protein, crude fat, ash, and crude fiber contents of fried and dried instant noodles were determined according to the method of the AOAC (2012). Total nitrogen content of instant noodle was evaluated according to Kjeldahl method 991.20, and protein content was calculated using a conversion factor of 6.25. Crude fat was determined by the Soxhlet apparatus following method 922.06. Ash was measured by dry combustion method 923.03. Crude fiber was evaluated using the residues that remained after extraction by acid and alkaline hydrolysis method 978.10. Water activity measurement and microbiological analyses Water activity at 25 ⁰C was measured in triplication by using a water activity meter (4TE, AquaLab, Decagon Devices, Inc., WA, USA). Finely ground instant noodles was filled up (50 %) in a sample cup provided along with aw meter. The sample cups were placed into the sample holder, and then water activity was measured at equilibrium. Triplicate reading was performed for each sample. Dried noodle samples were analyzed for total plate count, E. coli, and S. aureus after dehydration by performing standard procedures of FDA BAM (2001), FDA BAM (2013), ISO 6888-3 (2003),
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