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Vegetarian Flavour February 2, 2016 Edit Ibumie Penang VegeMee Instant Noodles Ibumie Penang VegeMee Researchers said Ibumie instant noodles is slightly healthier or in other words it is less harmful to our bodies. Besides, the Ibumie noodles are chewy – gauge is just a little wider than standard. It takes a little longer to cook, but it is quite worthy. A packet of mixed vegetables chips is included in the pack as well. The soup has a rich aroma of vegetables, the portion of white pepper in the soup is just nice. This scores 4.5 stars out of 5! Vegetarian Flavour February 2, 2016 Edit Super Cup Seaweed&Mushroom Instant Noodles 11ece5a6b8005056b7349d.jpg There are so many choices to satisfy your instant noodles cravings. Not…show more content…
The gauge of the noodles is also just nice. The soup is flavourful enough with a rich white pepper taste. However, the mixed vegetables chips included in the pack does not really add any flavour. It would be better if the soup has richer vegetables flavour, instead of white pepper taste. On top of that, for the MAMEE cup version, the gauge of the noodles is a little bit smaller than the pack version, but it’s still springy and chewy. The taste of the soup is the same as the pack version. It’s not much different from the pack version, so overall it gets 4 stars out of 5 as…show more content…
The kimchi noodle comes packaged with noodles, a kimchi soup base sachet, garnish sachet and dehydrated kimchi flakes packet. The dehydrated kimchi flakes are awesome. The noodles are accordingly thinner than regular kimchi noodles and curly, and maintain their springiness. The noodles are very soft and very comfort food feel to you. The broth is full of spicy kimchi flavor. The soup is rather full and deep, so the adverts always claim there is no need add other ingredients. Kimchi Flavour February 2, 2016 Edit Samyang Kimchi Ramen 1013-1-kimchi-ramen-samyang-120g Samyang kimchi ramen is made from Korea and packaged with ramen noodles, a seasoning packet and a geondeogi packet which is an assemblage of freeze dried vegetables, carrot and other ingredients. The ramen noodles are pretty good and it is chewy-ish. The broth has a splash of spiciness. To deepen the flavor, you can add some kimchi, egg, onion and processed cheese into kimchi ramen to enhance the spicy edge. Overall not bad but not the great. Kimchi Flavour February 2, 2016 Edit Nongshim Kimchi Flavor Noodle Soup

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