Chinese Cuisine: Critical Approaches To Chinese Culture

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Food Through the Ages Varun Jami 20141287 Critical Approaches to Chinese Culture Jindal Global Law School Woanyuh Tsou & Ping Huang, Course Instructors Abstract The Taiwanese Cuisine has a rich heritage and is known for its multitude recipes which have been largely influenced by the foreign invasions, the geography and ravages of time. This paper provides a comparative analysis between the Indian and Taiwanese Cuisines with an extensive emphasis on the influence of, modern technology in culinary preparation, revolution for a healthy routine, and the employment of ready-to-serve dishes in contemporary lifestyle. The Taiwanese and Indian Cuisines have different origins but share certain similarities as well as differences; and…show more content…
There is additionally a strong Japanese impact from the time that Taiwan was governed by Japan. Traditional Chinese food can be found in Taiwan, nearby Fujian and Hakka-style and local Taiwanese dishes, includes dishes from the districts of Guangdong, Shanghai, Hunan, Sichuan, Beijing, etc. This paper creates an overview of the similarities and the differences between the Indian and Taiwanese Cuisines by emphasising on the use of technology, health and fast-food in the culinary practices and contemporary…show more content…
The South Indian dishes discussed above have taken a change. The lesser consumed dish of Idli has started becoming more popular because of its oil-free and digestible nature whereas the Dosas remembered by the use of oil and ghee have become more healthier as the use of oil has reduced and also few families have chosen other preparations of Dosa which do not increase the cholesterol levels such as the neer dosa. Similarly, the production giants of the soybean sauce have reduced the use of genetically modified beans and have also started using healthier ingredients which have numerous benefits. The production techniques have changed drastically making the same food products more vigorous for health-conscious members of the society. The Taiwanese and Indian cuisines share a similar history with the influence of an invasion, the change in the preparation due to geographical factors. The changes which took place over the time is similar. The spicy food which is famous in the Southern India is also referred to as the Sichuan which uses a lot of chillies. These Asian Cuisines are known differently but share similar practices and

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