Persuasive Essay On Driving And Driving

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Would yet let someone physically blindfold you while you’re trying to drive? Probably not. If you’ve ever texted while driving, you’ve blindfolded yourself. At just 60 km/h if you look at your phone while driving for just two seconds, you travel 33 meters blind. Now you’re probably thinking 33metres of straight road, that’s easy to drive without looking. Well it’s not. You may also think that you’re a good enough driver that you can safely send a text message without interfering with your ability to operate your vehicle but it’s not all about you. Even if you don’t cause the accident, the distraction mobile devices cause takes 73% of driver’s awareness off the road. This means even if you’re driving safety you can’t respond to others driving around you. Say someone was to walk out on a pedestrian crossing without looking, you won’t see them in time. In 2014 the Queensland department of transport stated there were 236 crashes where hand-held mobile phones were being used by P plate drivers. Out of these 236 crashes seven were fatal. Picture this, you’re driving along a straight road by yourself, you…show more content…
This is more than enough time for a person to run in front of the vehicle or for the vehicle in front of you to make a sudden stop or to miss seeing the light change. This is not only dangerous for you and other motorists and pedestrians, but it’s also illegal. You can be fined $365 and have 3 demerit points recorded against your traffic history if your mobile phone is in your hand and being used for any reason while you are driving, including when you're stopped at traffic lights or in congested traffic. For a P plate driver these consequences can cause suspension of license. So using your phone while driving not only puts your life in danger but you also run the risk of losing you license completely or paying a hefty
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