How Does Technology Affect Human Behavior?

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Technology has been very influential in the 21st century. Many people think of it that they cannot live without it. Just like how a teenage child reacts to their parents just to be on their gadgets longer. The internet coverage that a person enjoys makes it even harder to break free from technology. The features and the wide uses of technology in terms of our needs make the people reliant to it (JaguarPC, 2014). According to JaguarPC (2014), there are several cases where technology and social media affects our personality and human behavior. There are positive and negative effects that builds up within a person. Technology makes every person more productive due to its comfort and time efficiency uses. A company employee can rearrange and organize all the paper works by just…show more content…
Technology also enhances the social skills of every person because of the wide range of social media. Technology also enables meeting to take place even not within a specific place. It also enables communication for further important discussions and it ensures the privacy of the conversation of two avid user of social media. Lastly, technology makes a person happy because it gives almost everything a person wants in terms of entertainment and attention for all the social media sites where a person feels glad when many people notices or likes their social shares. Today’s generation is already under the age where technology is rising. The people today are now involved to social media- a kind of technology which involves socializing between different people. According to Moore (2010), there are five traits a person forms through social media. First is being expressive. It is described as the ability of every person to read each other’s minds with the social media sites like Twitter and Facebook where literally almost every day a person shares something or do something with it. Like sharing specific news found very intriguing, it already
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