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How do you get diabetes?  What is diabetes? Diabetes is a disorder that affects the endocrine system. It is a life threatening disease that has no cure. How do you know when you are suffering from diabetes? Whenever you are diagnosed with insulin problems like your body not being able to produce enough insulin. Then it is a high time you have to consider your life very serious. Insulin is produced by the pancreas and it is what is needed to stimulate glucose in to the cells of the body hence produce energy. Low insulin levels causes high amount of glucose to stay in the blood stream. Diabetes occurs in two types:  Type 1diabetes which causes the body to be unable to produce insulin, as you already know, insulin is the most important…show more content…
Probably you want to know the causes so as to avoid any attacks of the disease. Unfortunately, while we are fully aware what processes and operations take place inside our bodies to cause us suffer from diabetes; we do not know the real cause of the specified events to take place. Scientist have yet to tell us what causes someone’s immune system to destroy the cells responsible for producing hormones hence make the body to have high glucose levels in the blood. Although scientists have developed theories concerning possible causes of type 1 diabetes, for example genetics has been said to be one of the causes, if one of your family relatives has diabetes then it is likely that you or your brother may be at risk of getting diabetes. Certain bacteria have also been hinted out as a contributing factor. You are also at a greater risk of developing diabetes as you grow older. Age is a factor that has been linked with diabetes. A lot of people diagnosed with diabetes have been found to be older people above 40s ,50s and 60s. With age it results when the pancreas slows down on the rate of production of insulin. This is similar to other body organs. Also minority groups like Hispanics tend to get diabetes at a higher rate than

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