Twelve Angry Men: American Legal Justice System

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Twelve Angry Men is in many ways of a love letter to the American legal justice system. It is all about twelve men, swayed to conclusions by prejudices, past experience, and short sightedness. Nonetheless, one man, holds himself higher and challenge his peers to a greater standard of justice, demanding that this unfairness of society to cease. We see the jurors struggle between the two, seemingly conflicting, purposes of a jury, to punish the guilty and to protect the defendant. Emotions and standard are not reasonable doubt sufficient to determine guilt or innocence whatsoever because it might lead to inaccuracy. It aswell proves that the logic of the trial by jury system does not work efficiently. The jurors’ personal life hugely impacts on their claims they have made during the trial.They claim that an old man heard the boy shouting out, “I’m gonna kill you,” and they jurors assume that he should be telling the truth. This claim is fallacy because they did not question the credibility of the old man’s testifying. The jurors let their personal problems to involve during the trial, whereas it indeed affects their choices. This was a huge issue in order jurors to do their job fairly,…show more content…
Some of them had distinguished careers which influence them of how to approach certain questions. On the other hand, their background and different families have impacted their decisions. Not only their work fields, but the relationship with the family dynamic as well bring off different knowledge they have obtained over the years. For instance, 10th Juror made a particularly racist argument against the defendant, saying that “they are born liars.” Furthermore, he assumed that they boy’s slum background as evidence for his being “trash.” In this case, the 10th Juror gains his knowledge from the assumption that many people for assuming that if someone is from slums therefore; they are horrible

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