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Title: Knowledge is Power Topic: Rights are important Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about rights for special needs children. 1. Introduction How many people have or know someone who has a special needs child? a. Attention Material: According to, it is important for parents to keep a paper trail for their children. b. Thesis Statement: In my informative speech I will discuss the importance of parents knowing their rights for their special needs children. c. Roadmap: It is important for parents with special needs children to have an IEP. This is an Individualized educational plan. Also parents need to advocate for the rights of their child. d. Transition into body: Now that I have established the basics of how…show more content…
Subpoint or supporting material: Legal bonding document that keeps records of your child’s progress in school. ii. Subpoint or supporting material: Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), law that requires children with disabilities to receive a free education) which may serve kids from the ages of 3-22 as stated by iii. Transiton into next main point: Next let’s consider how parents need a knowledge of the rights and also how to advocate for their child. b. Second Main Point: Parents need to have knowledge of the rights for their child so that they can advocate freely and appropriately. i. My mother has a child with special needs. An organization such as Families helping Families provided the necessary tools for her to appropriately advocate for her child. ii. According to, Families Helping Families provide a variety services for children with disabilities such as support, advocacy and training. You can go to to find out more information for yourself or someone you may know who is in need of help. iii. Transition to Conclusion: Now that I talked about the organization Families Helping Families, I will close with how these resources can help their child. 1.

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