Tim Flannery's We Are The Weather Makers

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We Are The Weather Makers Tim Flannery’s We Are The Weather Makers discusses in detail the processes, history, and effects associated with global warming. Flannery also provides information on possible solutions for global warming. Aside from providing an abundant amount of specific data and context on global warming, Flannery supports his information with charts and maps that help the reader to get a better understanding of the topic. The author describes the scientific processes that affect climate change. The Milankovitch cycles explain the rotation movements of Earth. One such cycle was that of the Earth’s orbit; the other two cycles concerned the movement and shift of Earth’s axis. These cycles have a significant effect on climate change since they can cause Earth’s temperature to either rise or fall by 9 degrees Fahrenheit. Another…show more content…
One example of these effects is the extinction of certain species of animals. The golden toad of the Costa Rica Cloud Forest Reserve became extinct since global warming changed the climate of its habitat. Warm temperatures caused the clouds of the forest to rise, resulting in the loss of moisture in the frog’s habitat. The author explains species that are threatened by global warming, such as the karoo plants and coral reefs. Global warming threatens these species with extinction due to climate change affecting the habitat of the species. Also discussed is the increasing in the amount of severe weather. Hurricanes have increased as a result of global warming, and one such hurricane, Hurricane Katrina, caused a significant amount of destruction in New Orleans. Flannery also shows that global warming has affected Earth’s oceans and glaciers. Global warming has caused the melting of Earth’s glaciers, which in turn affected the levels of the oceans. Ocean levels have risen several centimeters and are expected to rise higher in the

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