The Selma To Montgomery March

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Selma was written to depict the Selma to Montgomery march which was a very brutal walk. The purpose of the march was for the African American sisters and brothers to receive equal rights and to get the chance to vote regardless of their skin color. During that time many of the people were denied their rights because the color of their skin, and King finally decided that something must be done, and that is when he began the Selma to Montgomery march on March 25, 1965. I believe that writing about Selma could explain the effect that the film has on younger people after watching the film it could give them a new set of eyes on how they viewed the world compared to how they view the world after watching the film. While you may have heard many…show more content…
David Oyelowo playing the role of Martin Luther King Jr. was a great choice because David gave the speeches using the exact tone of voice that MLK used, and his features were so similar to the feature of MLK. David was given the most important role in the movie and he most defiantly nailed it. Many of the actors in the movie played their role well, but David played his role exceptionally. He nailed every speech and he played his part as if it was actually him that led the march rather than Dr. King. If someone else was given the role of Dr. King I personally believe that no one would have been able to do as well as David. He played his role as he was required and he received many comments of how well he did in the…show more content…
Common and John Legend put together a song that helped to explain Selma into a deeper meaning besides as a film. He talked about violent events that are happening in today’s times as well as what happened during the time of the Civil Rights Movement. The most powerful line is the song is “No one can win the war individually, it takes the wisdom of the elders and the young people’s energy.” That line is referring to how we will progress in today’s world, in order to continue to move forward from the times before the Civil Rights’ Movement, we must listen to what elderly people say because they have been through it, and as younger people we must use our energy to keep us from reversing in time. Another powerful line was, “One day when glory comes, it will be ours, it will be ours. One day when the war is won, we will be sure, we will be sure. Oh lord,” this line simply means that when the world considers people rightfully equal and discrimination is inexistence we will know because we will be able to unite as one rather than judging others by their skin color, what they believe in, and how they look. The song spoke upon some strong topics, and it was very inspirational. The soundtrack was a way to help sum up the events that happened in the

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