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Title: Delusional Disorder Specific Purpose: My audience will be able to describe a person who suffers from delusional disorder. Thesis: Delusional disorder is a mental disease that can drastically affect the life of a person who suffers from it. Introduction: Attention Grabber: Many people have heard of schizophrenia and paranoia, but there is a lesser known disorder that is very similar to, and often confused with, both of these called delusional disorder. Listener Motivation: Being able to identify and understand the signs of delusional disorder can better prepare you when you are faced with a real-life situation. Speaker Credibility: I was recently put in this situation myself as a person close to me was diagnosed with delusional disorder. Thesis:…show more content…
According to Harvard Health Publications, delusional disorder is a mental condition where a person is consistently influenced by delusions they have conjured up and struggle with distinguishing them from reality (Harvard). B. Delusions are not the same as hallucinations and are actually categorized into various different types. 1. For example, an erotomanic type refers to delusions the patient has where they believe a specific person is in love with them. Transition to pt II: Next, I would like to talk about other symptoms of the disease in addition to experiencing delusions. II. Like any disorder, there are common behaviors that a delusional disorder patient can have as indicators of the disease. A. Using as my source, while the main symptoms are the delusions that separate the person from reality, other indicators of delusional disorder include having irritable or angry moods, as well as extreme paranoia (Cleveland). B. In my case, the first signs of delusional disorder within my relative occurred when he would obsessively claim that he was being observed by the government to the point where he eventually refused to make any phone calls because he was convinced is phone was

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