Improving Employee Training

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1. What economic, social, and political forces have made employee training even more important today than in the past? An economic challenge for the United States currently, is having enough qualified workers to be ready for new jobs that are being created daily with all of the advancements in technology. Technology is continuing to grow faster than most companies can train their existing employees to continue their current performance levels and job skills. If not, the company as well as the employee will lose their competiveness. Social issues such as ethics and diversity have been influenced by society, government and other political groups. Other social issues such as the age of the workforce and people retiring has to be considered when forecasting, training and hiring. More knowledgeable and cross trained employees are needed for many political reasons such as raising the minimum wage, which causes a reduction in profits and that usually results in hiring fewer employees and current employees have to be able to wear more then one hat. 2. What analyses should be made to determine the training needs of an organization? After the needs are determined, what is the next step?…show more content…
From here, they can determine what atmosphere, tactics and resources that will be needed. The company would then conduct a task analysis of the current knowledge, skills and abilities and then compare them with the companies training goals. From there, they would determine the steps to be completed to achieve these results. The final step in the analysis would be personal analysis and this would consist of determining an employee’s current knowledge, skills and abilities and who needs the
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