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My Cousin Vinny In the title sequence of the film My Cousin Vinny released in 1992, portrays two young men from New York, Bill and Sam on a road trip to UCLA. While Traveling through a southern town, they stop at a convenience store to stock up on food, one symbolic implication was the can of tuna that bill mistakenly placed in his jacket pocket, screenwriters call this the “hook”. This introduced the general idea of the plot. Jonathan Lynn used modern country side locations to enhance the stereotypes of southernism, such as the confederate flag on a farm house. The staging of the scenes involving dirt and horse manure being sold to the public, flocks of chicken running lose in front of businesses, home grown fruit on the main road. In addition…show more content…
Lynn wanted the spectators to be filled with humor from the moment the movie started rolling. He did an excellent job of using the art of editing, he caught the emotions of the characters in close up shots, which allowed the spectators to indulge with the dialogue. Lynn did provide humor, but can that humor have crossed the line. He portrays ignorant ideals towards the people of the south. He also exposed how some out of town folk can be treated, if you have an accent you might be in trouble. These are examples that are still being argued today. Society has provided proof to people that prejudice exists. The song way down south left a symbolic tone to the dialogue, stating it has no order just freedom, by watching the clip you wouldn’t understand it until you viewed the whole movie, then you may decide if it represented the truth of plot. The director was not afraid to take risk such as casting, he took on Italian-Americans to add flavor to the screenwriting. I believe the title sequence was wonderfully written, and produce in the right narrative. The characters embraced the culture of the south as if they weren’t New Yorkers, and had me hooked after the first scene. Jonathan Lynn not only grasp the culture of the south but visually mastered the staging of each scene by contrasting the colors of trees, roads, homes, etc. I enjoyed each moment of the sequence and most of all the movie

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