Changi Airport Casino Case Study

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The third new opening of Casino in Singapore named Changi Airport Casino (CAC) recently had hiring around 3000 staffs and included of 2000 full time croupier. The company’s Director of Training & Development, Caleb Tan insisted Margaret Chan the CAC’s Director of Gaming Operations to send 100 of the croupier on a five days course in customer service, leadership and team building. Moreover, Margaret had received the grumbled constantly from the croupiers who return from training felt that the training was bored, wasted their time and not relevant apply to their work. From the situation above, Caleb had made the errors from the perspective of training needs assessment, transfer of learning and training evaluation. Training needs assessment…show more content…
Leadership training was not relevant for the croupiers because this training program is a process oriented to approach the developing of great leaders to define their team’s purpose, to learn the influence and build the trust with others. In the additional, leadership training program aligned the four essential systems of execution, core work processes, talent and customer feedback. Another training which is team building is to help up strongly uniting team members to achieve common goals through a greater awareness and how each member contributes to the success or failure of the team. This training focus is on practicing the essentials successful of teamwork. The training is guaranteed to challenge team members to examine strengths and opportunities for growing while appreciating the diversity of each member of the team. So, the training programs of leadership and team building do not suitable for croupiers. Furthermore, Caleb does not ensure the transfer of learning of the croupier. Transfer of learning is to make sure that the trainees are able to effectively and continually applying what they have learned in the training to their jobs. Closely to this concept of Transfer of Learning – the application of skills, knowledge, and/or attitudes that were learned in one situation to another learning situation (Perkins,…show more content…
It is important of the first level of reaction because it helps to understand the well of the training received by the trainees. It also helps of improving the training for future trainees including identifying important topics or area which is missing from the training. At level two of learning evaluation is to measurement the increase knowledge of trainees before and after the training. In level two, training director are able to measure learning in different way depending from the objectives, skills, attitude and knowledge. At level three of behavior is to evaluate the changes of trainees based on the training they have received and how does the trainees apply of the knowledge and information. Sometimes, the trainees have learned everything but they do not desire to apply the knowledge themselves. The last level is results evaluation is to analyze the result after training. The outcomes such as values, return, staff turnover, achievement and quality ratings to determine to be good for the employees and

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