Assignment: My Ten Best Practices

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Stephanie Rammohan Final Assignment My ten best practices 1. Diversity 2. Severance packages 3. Benefits to employees 4. Employee tracking 5. Improving employee training 6. Improving Manager Capabilities 7. Employee Retention 8. Safe and Happy workplace 9. Open discussion to offer employee feedback 10. Fair evaluation system I found this assignment interesting but difficult to choose just 10. I have based my choices on what I would want if I was an Human Resource Manager. I chose diversity as one of my line items because to be sustainable during a turbulent economy, initiatives must be integrated in the work force and not just limited to diversity hiring. How about, getting a diverse mix of employees…show more content…
Then the amount doesn’t come as a surprise. It also cut down on employee litigation. I also chose a good benefit package because when you offer top notch benefits and support its not only the employees who reap the rewards. Greater productivity and low turnover rate. I know some people who have no benefits and in this day and age people will take a job for a lower amount of pay IF the benefits are offered. Healthcare is so important and with some jobs not providing it but offering more an hour and employee has to weigh their options before deciding on a job or moving on to another one. Employee training and recognition is good for when you can offer training in the employee field, learn new skills and then give rewards for a job well done with implementation into the job. I personally believe you can never stop learning and improving in your…show more content…
It also can help when it is time for a pay raise time and instead of across the board raises maybe do merit raises instead. It also keeps the training and education of your applicants and employees for an easy to find information report when you need to fill a position for a promotion or just to keep on file. I feel this is very important for the employee when keeping track of their merits and education especially. Unfortunately on the flip side, you can also track how much time your employee spends on social media, the internet, or playing a

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