Wayne Sadler

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During my high school years, I volunteered in many group efforts to improve the community. One in particular that I am most fond of is when a group and I participated in tornado relief for a fellow substitute teacher and his wife. Wayne Sadler, a man that has helped the community for years, had his life turned upside down when a tornado destroyed his home and possessions. His roof and floor on the second level were removed, leaving his house dilapidated. Not stopping at just the house, the tornado ravaged through a majority of his property and nearby fields. As a community, we came together to solve his overwhelming problem by contributing a helping hand to create positive improvements and also unintentional negative effects. Wayne was greatly moved and thankful for the many do-good helpers in his time of need. Cold and wet, we scavenged through his lawn, destroyed house, and fields to find any salvageable items. Together, volunteers and I made remarkable progress before the rain ruined scattered debris. With strength in numbers, we recovered many pictures, books, and newspapers that would have not lasted if the weather continued to harm them.…show more content…
To us as volunteers, each possession did not have the sentimental value as it did to Wayne. Materials that seemed useless to us where actually treasures to him. I personally found a random newspaper clipping near his property. I thought little of it and threw it away. He later asked for all the clippings and stated that he wanted every one. This discouraged me because we didn’t have him there with us as we found everything. As a result, our guess was almost as useless as not finding the object in the first place. It would have taken longer, but Wayne would of had better success deciding for himself instead of having us do it. He then would not have any worries that wanted possessions were thrown away by people that cared less than

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