Importance Of Work Motivation

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Enterprise staff uniforms are blue. The company named 10 outstanding staffs names, excellent employee dressed in red. Red looks more dazzling, six or seven people have one thousand people in the company, is the sky blue dress, only ten people are red, for sea. The human resources director. Joke, wear red clothes, because of the tree, even the toilet will be very careful, see a stranger is very polite. People see him as an example, is a type of motivation is bidirectional. (3) the work motivation Work motivation, work motivation) is the most important, the most significant field of organizational behavior research content, is also a difficult to definition and concept of research, over the years, there are a lot of the definition of: Work motivation…show more content…
1, with important work to motivate subordinates: Subordinates whether a result, leaders of reason may vary, but not many established conditions.Really good at management, always refuse for any reason, with important work to motivate subordinates.The importance of the work has double meaning, it is recognized by all employees in the company is an important work, the second is for the whole society is an important work. But if within the company in order to divide the work, the relative importance of individual burden is reduced, leaders should be made to let them realize the importance of personal work, and further to listen to their views, these are very important.If adopted these steps, no matter how monotonous work also can make it realized the importance of work, and wholeheartedly committed to the job. When important delivery), some matters need…show more content…
Hard work is a kind of incentive, it can inspire the confidence and courage and passion, followed by hard work, including physical and mental work.Once tasted in difficult subordinates GanGuo work achievement, can to mobilize their own inner potential and motivation, demonstrating the call for stronger requirements and enterprising.If so, the company will, of course, the company also will be in an impregnable position. "Case" An enterprise employees work clothes is blue, when the company named after ten good staff, good employees to wear red clothes.Red look more dazzling, six or seven in the company of one thousand people, is the sky blue clothes, only 10 people are red, far to see.Human resources director joked, wear red clothes, because the tree for example, even the toilet will be very careful, see strangers are very polite.People to see he is a role model, is also a kind of incentive, the incentive is a two-way

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