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How the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation effect the child learning I agree that his thought on both type of motivation are important in student life. Because some time student have hardly desire for some performing task and sometime they do not have same as desire, in this condition extrinsic motivation is very useful. But sometimes child due to hesitation are not able to equally perform in play. So these kind of child need to be motivation. Better learning is based on the engaging value of the task, subject matter, personal goals, and financial incentives. So these are very closely related to the child’s life. Motivation is a play very importance role in performing any action. There are two main type of motivation which produce. Generally…show more content…
For example a motivated child goes to school regularly and in school he engage subject matter. Because he motivated for his work. Motivation often improves performance. Because of the other effects just identified—goal-directed behavior, effort and energy, initiation and determination, cognitive processing, and the impact of consequences motivation often leads to improved performance’’. (Ormrod, 2008) Motivation some time decided by result children’s work. For example one child make a painting without any intention, and then his painting appreciated by their adult, then this appreciation may in generate their motivation and interest in painting, and if he don’t get any appreciation for his work, it will not motivate him for painting. This consent also work academic achievement. The more children are motivated by academic success, they feel proud on a good result and upset by a low grade. There is two type of motivation first is intrinsic and other one is extrinsic motivation. Both extrinsic and intrinsic are play an importance role in the students learning. “There is general agreement by cognitive theorist at least, that intrinsic motivation is in an effect a learned act which provides its own

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