Factors Influencing Motivation In Employee Research

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CHAPTER 1: RESEARCH OVERVIEW 1.0 Introduction The purpose of this chapter explained about the research of the factors that influencing the motivation of the employee in the manufacturing industry. Motivation has the impacts that can greatly affect the employee as well as the organization. Employees are important for every organization as they keep the organization running and improving. In order to make the organization with better results or to accomplish something good, employee with motivation can increase their working performance in business by making them capable and beneficial as well as assists the customers in business. Manager have the responsibility to motivate the employee to work together to achieve the goal of the organization…show more content…
The organization will then does not have good expectations from others as the unmotivated employee felt helpless and difficult to work in the organization or to keep up the solidness of the organization, they may felt that they have no reason to work better in the organization or to keep the organization stable. Unmotivated in organization can also be costly for the organization as it cost the money and time of the organization like long period of discussions or web surfing in the organization’s equipment which due to none motivation for the employee as they are discouraged to work. With these, the organization will be in disadvantage and inconvenient as they are unable to achieve their goal in the future and turnover can happen among the employee. Therefore, organization must encourage their employee to be motivated to…show more content…
There is one strategy of skill which is in human-based, that strategy is special expertise and skills have to be develop for the employee in an organization which is hard to imitate by their competitor as the skills will be develop in a long period of time. (Gamble and Thompson, 2011) Employee with such skills is critical to the organization’s growth and in order to allow them to work in the organization in a long-term or even retain and attract these employees, they must be motivated by the organization and it can be done by having a good environment for working, opportunities for growth and talents must be provide to the employee and

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