A Case Study Of Frederick Herzberg's Theory Of Motivation

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Question “One”: One content theory of motivation (link with case study): the theory of workers Frederick Herzberg found his motivation theory as a result of the fact that job satisfaction and the absence of two dimensions are independent of one another. He came to his theory after a group of skilled workers were called upon to describe the factors that led them to feel positive or negative about their jobs. The results of his study indicate that the factors mentioned in the sample tend to converge in two main categories: A. Category I Protective factors: These are the factors that exist in the general context of the work and not in the nature of the work itself. The wise policy of the institution, the continuous supervision and the good physical and…show more content…
2. Teamwork is a means of sharing experiences and knowledge. 3 - Development of social skills. 4 - Develop the spirit of work within the same team. 5. Teamwork increases strengths and reduces weaknesses. Nature of teamwork in Frasar Food: Where the company organized teamwork teams and has the freedom to choose the work and move from one job to another to increase the flexibility of work and creativity and the sense of the importance of the work of the group they work in the company provides a summary of its work to employees to highlight their successes and the role of teams and employees, making them feel the importance of teamwork. Question “Four”: Factors affecting team performance in Frasar Food: 1. Communications Communication in the development of an effective team occurs on two levels: communication between team members and communication from management to the team. Managers should hold regular meetings to keep the team informed of important information. These are the types of tools that the company uses to be effective and this is the principle of working where the company is doing business with information. 2.

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