Cause Of Exponential Growth

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b. The graph from Table 1 is showing an exponential type of graph because due to the quantity in the population increasing at a fixed percentage per unit for time at 2% per year. Exponential graphs start off slowly however; it leads to the quantity to double each time. One can see that in the exponential growth graph the rate levels off although, the population continues to grow. c. One possible cause of the exponential growth trend graphed in part a. could be the increase in both technology and medicine. Today, there is advanced medicine and technology, which have created different cures that have not only increased medical knowledge but also saved millions of people’s lives. This allows less deaths and a longer life span for individuals…show more content…
Due to an exponential trend in population, there are several ways in which the natural capital is degraded such as air pollution and water pollution. Air pollution has many affects such as releasing poisonous gases from driving vehicles to the environment resulting in terrible health conditions for both human beings and animals. Another cause of natural capital degradation is the decreased wildlife habitats due to both air and water pollution, and the increase in population, which may cause extinction. If this continues, then the environment will be left with no diversity and us, humans with no food left to eat. Ways to reduce pollution is by reusing, recycling, choosing to walk instead of driving a car, etc. Also, ways to avoid the decrease in wildlife habitats is to be careful with what you release in the environment because the animals will suffer many health problems plus avoid hunting as much as possible because as stated before it can cause a certain species to never be heard of in future…show more content…
The two renewable resources shown on the graph were wood and hydropower. They were the only resources with the least increase where wood was one of the only sources to remain the same over the years while hydropower had a slight change. On the graph, one can notice how hydropower begins to change in the beginning but increases at a slightly greater rate. The nonrenewable resources such as petroleum, coal, natural gas, and nuclear all have bigger U.S. consumption rate in quadrillion BTUs in years. If you compare the results of wood (renewable resource) with petroleum (nonrenewable resource) one can see the huge different with wood going from around 0 to 4 quadrillion BTU’s and petroleum having 13 to 63 BTU’s in a shorter amount of time. This means that nonrenewable resources have larger consumption rates than renewable

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