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Extent to which schools and higher education are developing such skills – 3 pages (7%) I will view the application of these skills based on Malaysia Education System because the government is striving hard to prepare the students in 21st Century. The recent Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025 has been applied to school in Malaysia to prepare the learners the skills needed in 21st century. The new education blueprint will focus on comprehensive assessment and has Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) question. These changes being soft-landed most apparent in primary school and lower form secondary schools. PT3 (Pentaksiran Tingkatan 3) is a lower secondary school examination. It replaces PMR (Penilaian Menengah Rendah), but it is still a…show more content…
This ensures that candidates can master both listening, speaking and writing skills. These skills are essential as foundation for the students. Also, in Geography and History, students need to do case study in their community, so that students can learn different skills, such as communication skills (during interviewing the folks) and collaboration (during the group work). As a plan to provide student with needed skills in real life, PT3 has higher order thinking skills questions as well. It focuses on the analysis and evaluation skills by the students, which are trained and exposed, not learned from books. The questions often involve the application in daily life and students need to justify how to solve the problems based on the content given during class. The question also being referred from PISA and TIMMS (Trend in Mathematics and Science Study) question, which will help the students to apply the knowledge they get in classroom to the real-life situation. Therefore, these questioning techniques will influence teaching and learning in the classroom to be more educational in real life situation and problem solving instead of focusing towards examination skills such as answering techniques. Like I said earlier, we are heading towards changes in the education system. PBS and PT3 offer a lot of interesting ideas of future education but Ministry of Education needs to have better planning, training…show more content…
Therefore, apart from aiming at developing the cognitive dimension of the students, it is also important in inculcating values and strengthening the spiritual and psychological dimensions of the students. While in the process of free up the education system and giving more room for creativity and independent thinking and at the same time, it is crucial to have balanced with the guidance in terms of values that need to be inculcated to

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