Employee Motivation Analysis

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Human behavior is a complex issue that is linked by many variables such as ambition, work experience, personal experiences, social environment, the number and the intensity of individual needs. Furthermore, it can an also be viewed as the overall reaction of people to hypokinetic forces. The individual behaves in one way or another, because it meets the motivational forces that act in some specific way. Motivation shall be defined by Robbins, (1993) (as cited in Ramlall, 2004) as: “the willingness to exert high levels of effort toward organizational goals, conditioned by the effort’s ability to satisfy some individual need”. Recently, Tan Shen Kian and Wan Fauziah Wan Yusoff (2012) described motivation as an act that energized employees to…show more content…
Essentially, the term of employee satisfaction has its base on how satisfied is an employee with the workplace and the responsibilities. Fischer (2002) stated that motivation and satisfaction is a form of behaviour. Therefore, satisfaction has to be one of the major issues for both humanitarian organizational reasons, as well as psychological and health reasons of the employee. The increase of motivation of the employees gives them the incentives to participate actively which will possibly result in the increase of customer satisfaction. Employees who are satisfied in their workplace respond immediately and positive to the needs of guests. As a result, guests recognize the high quality service which derive from motivated personnel and use word of mouth to promote it. (Dogan and Chi,…show more content…
Τhere are factors of particular importance to the definition of motivation in the workplace which will lead to a higher performance by the employees such as each person’s individual knowledge, abilities and skills, the nature of the work which is performed by the employee and the work environment that this nature takes place in. The meaning of motivation has been addressed by many academics over the years but also during the last decade. Α business can seek , in order to work out perfectly, the functions of planning and organizing, but the pursuit of managers will remain incomplete if it does not have the ability to motivate their subordinates. This ability and its key attributes is what results to being a successful manager. Motivation is one of the simplest, but also one of the most complex matters of administration. We must understand though the fact that a certain reward which is considered very important for one person, might not be acceptable for another person. At this point, motivation gets complicated. There are situations that even when an important reward is offered, there is no guarantee that it will by itself further motivate employees. The reason is that the reward will be effective for an employee when there is a direct connection attempt between a reward and the individual’s effort and the demand for this connection from the employees themselves. Motivation takes place when an incentive

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