Importance Of Teaching Games In English

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Teaching English to middle school students is quite competitive and challenging job. Teachers are required to give their best efforts to teach English in a more easy ,successful way. Educational games are very important, researched subject and sometimes have been seen just as simple fun. But games are very essential part of the children's life since children like to play games by nature.They can be an effective method to facilitate the learning process , they can also be used as a first step to begin the learning process especially that children, at the early stages , find it quite difficult to learn something new as foreign language. Besides to its entertaining elements,their pedagogical values are highly recognized. Because they engage students…show more content…
Therefore, students talk and feel confident to participate with discussion group which involve their social and communicative skills. In addition, students learn without knowing that they are learning . They use the language naturally instead of thinking how to use the correct grammatical structure.They can also increase students’ intelligence. A lot of researches have been conducted on the use of games in learning English. Most of the studies supported strongly this method. They argued upon the use of games as a part of the lesson or as a warm up activity that is different from the typical class. A number of scholars have found positive results of using games. A study done by Mei and Yu-jing said that games are liked by the children ,and they can easily learn English as they have already learned their mother language, without realizing that they learn . He added saying that teachers should be careful how to choose the suitable games, for that reason there are books which may help teachers, like “games for language learning “and “language games and activities “. In addition, Lee mentioned that the only way to maintain learning with some enjoyment is through games .However ,this method…show more content…
Because the traditional class put so much pressure on students ,and they are just sitting for hours, listening to the teachers explanation doing nothing but thinking and sometimes writing in the notebook. So usually classes did not balance between relaxing and studying .A further research is important in order to highlight the importance and effectiveness of games as a method .They can replace the intensive syllabus which make students hate school. This research aims to find the importance of applying the games in the educational syllabus. And also to investigate the effectiveness on the motivation of the students. Besides their effects on the psychological side of the students. they will involve their level which encourage teachers to use them as a part of their teaching method. Especially that they can be used for different reasons like grammatical tasks, vocabulary,and memorization. In addition, students can be able to make positive memories of learning, they can be able to memorize things faster because the funny moments are mostly stuck in students memories. What this research will include is the benefits of using educational and technological games in order to gain efforts and as a solution

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