Teaching Communication Skills

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Teaching is generally considered as a process of imparting knowledge. However, during the teaching process, teachers have to communicate and interact with the students in order to give a quality lesson. Thus, communication skills in the classroom are as important as in-depth knowledge of the particular subject which the teachers teach. In fact that, the teachers have to face a lot of problems in the classroom, so they should be aware of the importance of communication skills in teaching and they need to be equipped carefully the practical skills and strategies for classroom management, for dealing with unexpected situation in the classroom, and for working with students’ parents so that teacher can enhance the learning process. Being an English…show more content…
There are many types of students in one class, some are active, some are passive, some are good, and some are naughty, etc. Therefore the teachers have to have some strategies to teach and manage the young learners. Teaching young learner is not easy, their feeling depends on the teachers totally. They will be scared if the teacher is angry, they will be happy if the teachers are happy. The teachers play many roles in the classroom to deal with lots of unexpected situations. Typically, they are usually inattentive and they always make noise. This situation appears at thirty minutes left at the end of the lesson. Normally, a lesson at school lasts forty-five minutes but at the language center students have to learn within ninety minutes. This is the reason why students often feel tired and bored at the end the lesson. A few students enjoy reading the paper or drawing during that time or frequently carry on their own conversation, which, at times, annoys others. At that time, the teachers can raise their voice and use eye contact to the students to remind the students. However, this solution is effective in the first time and it may cause bad consequences. For example, the students will be scared of the teacher and they do not want to study with this teacher. If the teacher…show more content…
In the class, it is normal if there are one or two naughty students, in contrast in my class there was a student rely on spoke to classmates and has yet to ask or share information, but he was a good student. At the first time, I thought that he was shy, but after one month I found that he was fatherless and this was the reason why he was so quiet in the classroom. The other teachers and students were unsatisfied because of him. In fact that I was very worried and did not know how to deal with him. Fortunately, I was helped by my old teacher. She talked that when I was at his age I also behaved like him because I was fatherless too. After that, I tried to talk to him as much as possible and take care of him more. I also discussed his situation with the class and asked them to help him. During the lesson, I assigned many group activities and selected group member randomly for him to take part in. Finally, he could make friends and helped the other students in studying. Group work or pair work is one of the effective ways to make students closer and closer. It also encourages student study better and better. Still, they also have some drawbacks. Firstly, it is difficult for teachers to manage a classroom and monitor all group at once, because there are a number of students in the class, and they will make noise. Secondly, students will speak Vietnamese instead of English. It is not good for them to

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