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Chapter 4- Developing Self-Discipline Essentially, self-discipline is a type of selective and task-oriented training. It creates novel habits with your thoughts, speech, and deeds toward developing yourself and achieving goals. Look at self-discipline as a positive undertaking instead one of refusal or denial. The Practice of Self-Discipline Schedule a small task for a given time of day; Practice deliberate delaying. Schedule a certain activity, one during the day and another during the night. Such activity must not take you more than a quarter of an hour to finish. Wait patiently for the scheduled time to start doing it. Stick to the schedule for a couple of months, at the least. Benefits: Schedule a task, hold to its time, and avoid…show more content…
When you start with more time to spend, you can fill up your allotted time with little activities. Harness the power of routine. Rather than allocating more time in a day, and then, zero hours on the other, and then, devoting a few hours on another day and so on, set aside a specific period each day of the week for your task. Stand firm. Never set a goal aside from allocating time, and merely create a habitual routine. Surely, you will be along your way to accomplishing things, especially if you apply this technique to your projects or assignments. Benefits: The task will not become so overwhelming if you break it down into small, easy-to-accomplish steps, and not doing it all at once. A habit develops, for which it accomplishes the task for you. Use self-discipline to explore time management. Managing your time may be a crushing and overpowering task. In fact, you can never control or manage your time when you do not have control over yourself. Start doing tasks with self-discipline and develop from there. Benefits: You create self-discipline when you have control over your tasks. With self-discipline, you develop managing your time. Further, as you manage your time, you grow your…show more content…
Evaluate as to what extent their habits and self-control augments them in achieving their goals. It is prudent to solicit their advice about what works and what does not. Willpower and Self-Discipline Exercises An effective, yet, simple technique to enhance and strengthen your self-discipline and willpower is doing things, which you would normally avoid doing. Such resistance may be due to several factors like, shyness, lack of assertiveness and inner strength, procrastination, laziness, or other similar reasons. However, despite of the reluctance within you, you can still be able to become more determined by performing what you ought to deliver. Your willpower strengthens by overcoming your inner resistance, just as your physical features get stronger and toned when resisting the weights at the gym. Exercise 1- Dealing with Resistance An old man or woman, or a pregnant woman walks in while you are sitting in a bus or train. Stand up and give up your seat, even if you adamantly prefer to stay seated. Act so, not because it is polite or a dictate of chivalry, but because you are doing something, which you are reluctant to do. This is an exercise in overcoming the resistance of your body, mind, and

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