Importance Of Sustainable Development

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ABSTRACT Sustainable development is considered to a priority task in many countries. It requires the integration between economic development and ecological protection, also it aims at meeting the next generations’ basic needs, especially for foods, shelters and fuel. This essay tries to analyze the demand of the next generation and the importance of sustainable development. Additionally, this essay suggests that some proactive up-to-date strategies for sustainable development. KEYWORDS Younger generation, Current strategy, Sustainable development, Ecosystem INTRODUCTION In a future with scant resources, ecosystem services will be extremely significant in upholding human economic development. Nowadays, society more aware of the damage to…show more content…
Therefore, a brand-new research model is supposed to be carried out. “The new paradigm, referred to as sustainability science, must be able to encompass different magnitudes of scales (of time, space, and function), multiple balances(dynamics), multiple actors(interests) and multiple failure (systemic faults).” (quoted in Martens,2006) Additionally, sustainability science ought to play the most important role in the complete approaches in order to connect science, practice to policies. Sustainable urban development Urbanized area consumes a great deal of food, water and produce massive pollution, therefore, sustainable urban development is a key element of global sustainable development. One approachable scenario is building “solar cities and regions” where only use renewable energies like solar energy, tidal energy, wind power and so on. In those cities, hydrogen play a key role because ” Hydrogen (which is produced by a water electrolysis), can be used for heating and cooling buildings and water, as well as for urban ground, water, or air transportation, including the use of fuel cells. Fixed fuel cells will likely become more widely utilized (in the solar city) in the coming decades.” (quoted in Girard,2006) There are some best practices not only low energy consumption but also active the citizen contribution.…show more content…
For this reason, the theories and melodies of sustainable development should be arranged into all levels of education. Classes must be modified, with the intention of arranging a guiding principle of sustainable development in the whole of their study and the later period. (Martens,2006) What’s more, we also are supposed to teach students not only the fundamental sustainability science, but also how to break down the barriers of the early disciplines so that they could be wise policy-makers and

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