Importance Of Women Empowerment

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‘Women Empowerment’ denotes a situation when women become free of the all the kinds of dependency and deprivations whether social or economic. It is related to overall development of women right from having an economically independent and self reliant status to an active participant in socio-political developments. ‘Women empowerment’ involves various facets of development in the form of social, educational, occupational, political, religious freedom. The idea of Women’s Empowerment has gained global importance over the last few decades. This has emerged as an agenda of utmost importance. This issue is on the priority lists of most of government plans and programs nowadays. The main objective of these plans and programmes is to uplift the…show more content…
have been ignored. So, when we talk about the empowerment, it is related to overall development of women rather than partial emphasis on one or the other area of concern. Empowerment comes when women become self sufficient and self reliant in all the spheres of life. They are in control of their lives and circumstances that have effect on their lives. Women empowerment is a difficult task in Indian society which is mainly patriarchal. The male dominated Indian society makes women empowerment a difficult target to achieve. The present book is an effort to throw light on the various issues and challenges faced by woman in different spheres of life. The book covers a variety of themes related to women such as gender inequality, education, sexual harassment, violence against women etc. The book is an effort by a number of scholars who have contributed valuable articles in this book. This book has a wide horizon because of the presence of various articles and research paper exploring the issues and challenges faced by women in Indian…show more content…
According to United National Development Fund for women (UNIFEM), meanings of ‘women empowerment’ is not only to develop a sense of self-worth and self-confidence to control one’s life but also to have an ability to influence the direction of social change so as to make an egalitarian social and economic order. Women constitute half of the world’s population. But this half of the population of mostly denied the basic rights like right to education, right to have voting power, right to freedom of speech, right to live a dignified life. This condition of women is reflected in the words of Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai “I raise up my voice—not so I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard…we cannot succeed when half of us are held back.” Thus, even in this 21st century, discrimination against women is present all over the world. This discrimination against women is an indivisible part of the Patriarchal societies in particular. In such a scenario, the women empowerment has emerged as an important area of concern at the global level. There is no doubt that developed and advanced countries of the world are moving towards the desired results but developing and under developed countries are far away from reaching this

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