The Importance Of Sustainable Housing

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Introduction Sustainable Housing (SH) underscores the importance of considering social and ecological factors, apart from economic factors in housing development. In the discourse of housing development, the implementation of SH in housing development would not only provide people with housing, but it will give a major impact on health and well-being (Ilensanmi & Ogunshakin 2010). SH also adopts the fifth principle of the United Nations’Conference Declaration for Human Environment, which states that ‘(Housing) Planning must be applied to human settlements and urbanisation, whith a view to avoiding adverse effects on the environment and obtaining the maximum of social, economic and environmental benefits for all (UNEP 1997). Similarly, the…show more content…
Since 1997, the Ministry of Life Environment has stated that the future of housing development should be part of the national policy to create healthy environments, viable economy, socio-cultural sensitive to achieve well being of the society as a whole. Integrated policy on housing, which accommodate economy, social, and ecological factors should be supported. (Hilman 2008). Earlier researches have been done in the discourse of SH. Winston & Eastaway (2008) have elaborated the concept of SH and some key indicators to be implemented in SH development. Mulliner & Maliene (2011, 2015) have also introduced the SH criteria should not only accommodates ‘housing affordability’ factor, but also the environmental and social factors. Moreover, the study by Prochorskaite & Maliene (2013) concluded that SH impacts significantly to health and well being of the…show more content…
It supports the working activities, schooling activities, social and cultural activities as well as to ensure that the place is healthy for all the inhabitants. The research by Mulliner & Muliene (2011) and Ramsay (2012) suggest some criteria which should be fulfilled by a sustainable housing: affordable, accessible & adaptable, adequate & suitable, meets need of individual’s well being/livability, and resource efficient. In their further research, they also incorporate the criteria with other social and environmental factors (Mulliner & Muliene 2015). Their study basically examine the sustainable housing criteria by ealier research by Samuels (2005), Zhu (2005), ODPM (2005a, 2005b), CTOD&CNT (2006), Shelter (2006), CLG (2007), ACF dan VCOSS (2008), Whitehead (2009), Fisher (2009), Maliene& Malys (2009), NHPAU (2010), Pullen (2010), dan Winston

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