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1. Introduction In the last half-century water-related issues have become of growing concern for the international community. Rising global awareness of water being a crucial resource for human survival, health and development viewed against the backdrop of insufficient access to a basic water supply have necessitated addressing the challenge of its securitization at the international level. Water crises, including uneven access to water sources around the globe along with new increasing threats to its sufficiency in the near future posed by climate change, environmental pollution, unsustainable use of water resources, growing population, industrialization and thus rising demand for water, have become one of the central themes of many international…show more content…
The non-legally-binding and vague nature of their proclamations, however, and the absence of an explicit recognition of a separate human right to water within the body of human rights law, has raised a debate within academia over uncertainties regarding the true normative status of the human right to water under international law. This includes its correlation and coexistence with other human rights and implications towards implementation and accountability. For this reason, the main objective of this essay is to examine the extent to which the right to water is an established human right within the international legal framework. It will first highlight how thinking of the right to water has evolved, discuss applicable legal foundations and examine the concrete standards of protection they…show more content…
At the same time, the established human rights instruments, international standards, national laws, including Constitutions, seem to support a human right to water in a full legal, political moral, ethical and practical sense. The global debate seem to have shifted from whether human right to water exists rather to identifying its normative status, the range of responsibilities it impose on individual governments practical aspects of its implementation, which are yet to be clarified. Indeed, the UN declaration clearly supports a legal right to water. The right to freshwater resources is protected by human rights law and is of great relevance for other human rights, as is a precondition for their fulfillment. How one can enjoy its right for development, right for health life or right for adequate standing of living, being blighted by the burden of water-related disease, living in degraded and often dangerous environments, without any access to drinking water or sanitation? Indeed declaring human right to water does not guarantee an immediate resolution of the water crisis. It however provides a sufficient number of advantages by setting minimum standards for all to water and sets the priorities for water

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