End Hunger Goals

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1. BACK AFGROUND For the purpose of the assignment I select SDG goal2: End hunger, which seeks to promote for various countries by 2030 adequate nutrition for children and infants, food security, double agricultural output, development small-scale farmers and implement sustainable resilient agriculture practices. The selected SDG goal 2: End Hunger aims by 2030 to end all forms of malnutrition and hunger, making sure children and the population of this world has access to nutritious foods throughout the year. This entails promoting equal access to land, sustainable agricultural practices, markets and supporting small scale farmers. This requires enhance global co- operation to ensure investment in infrastructure, technology to enhance…show more content…
RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN LAND BANK AND THE SELECTED SDG’S The land Bank is tasked with providing financing for agricultural development in South Africa, with the primary focus to provide food security for the country. The land Bank mandate flow from the (land Bank Act) of 2002 divided into three distinct themes: growth, integration and transformation of the Agricultural sector in South Africa. Land Bank Strategic Development…show more content…
Production expansion & intensification Support next new generation farmers The Sustainable Development Goal: Zero Hunger, is of strategic importance to the Land Bank business and ultimate its goal, food security for all South Africans. The SDG chosen is of strategic importance to South Africa as the major shareholder of the Land Bank as it seeks to promote increase productivity of small farmer’s woman and youth, by ensuring sustainable food production systems and resilient farming practices in South Africa. 3. THE LAND BANK’S, CURRENT PERFORMANCE RELATIVE TO SDG’S. The land Bank through its intermediary provides credit to emerging farmers at concessionary interest rates, technical support and facilitate off takers agreements for products produced. Farmers are closely monitored and stay in the incubation for five to seven years thereafter graduate to be commercial farmers. During FY2016, the land Bank Commercial Development division disbursed 841m of loans with the following record impact, XXXXXXX Approved and disbursement amounts R841m Number of farmers financed 358 Beneficiaries impacted 54 779 Farmed Hectares: leased/communal 254 909 Farmers on mentorship

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