The Importance Of Verbal Communication

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In our everyday conversations we have ways of communicating without even speaking a single word. This form of communication is called nonverbal communication and we use it everyday. When you’re agreeing with someone and you just nod your head or give a thumbs up that is nonverbal communication. This form of communication can tell you a lot about a person. By looking at someone’s body language you can tell in what kind of mood they are in. You can see what kind of relationship two people have by looking at how close they are to each other. I read an article on nonverbal communication and I thought it was very interesting. After reading the article I wondered about how many of these things do I do and do I even know I’m doing them. I also wondered if any of the people I talk with used nonverbal communication often. I thought that this article was interesting because nonverbal communication is like it’s own little language. When we talk our voice has a small part in actually saying what we mean in a conversation. In fact experts think that nonverbal communication is 93 percent of conversation and just 7 percent is…show more content…
I can tell by the tone of someone’s voice how they are feeling. I usually notice the thumbs up, the head nod, the wave, and any other kind of hand gesture. People also make a lot of hand gestures to help them explain what they are talking about. When I’m talking I don’t usually make eye contact because we’re usually walking through the halls side by side. I feel that people shy away from eye contact and just end up looking at the ground. When I’m talking to a girl I can typically tell which ones like me. For example they laugh at all my jokes even the ones that aren’t funny. It also depends on how close they are to me when we’re talking. I also look for some I contact and where they are looking to see if they’re interested or not. These are things that I notice when I’m talking to other

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