Persuasive Essay On Poaching

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There needs to be perimeters to help the prevention of killing an animal that is endangered, threatened, or vulnerable or it is not the season to kill that species. The topic should be acknowledged and made known to people that live both near and far away from the species. Poaching is an action that is harmful and endangering to the environment and there should be several ways to educate people about the effects of killing an animal, how the effects of killing a vulnerable animal can have on the environment, and using the animal for anything besides the practical purpose of food, should be seen as cruel and not be permitted. A gigantic part of the problem of poaching, is that the poachers do not think or know of the consequences that the death of the animal has on the ecosystem. They can destroy the area that a particular species lived, such as a rhino living in a grassland. “According to a recent study published by Scandinavian and South African researchers in the Journal of Ecology, rhinos maintain the diverse African…show more content…
The killing of the animals can have long lasting effects on the environment and the ecosystem that they are involved in. There should be a mandatory seminar put into place for hunters and gun owners to educate them on what animals are at risk, where and when to hunt, and how to go about reporting a poacher. If the poacher has to go around a whole government in order to accomplish something that is harmful to the environment that they live in, then the task should simply go uncompleted. Poaching is harmful and dangerous to the environment, there should be a way to help educate people the impact that killing animals can have on the environment, the problem with killing an endangered, vulnerable, or threatened animal can cause an area, and that people should not kill animals for anything other than practical

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