Sustainable Development Essay

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Sustainable Development: The Interdependence between Nature and Society Goodland and Daly (1996) state that there is a unification between social, environmental and economic sustainability and the sustainable development thereof. Sustainable development can be defined as development that allows for the needs of the present generations to be met, without depleting our natural resources and thus conceding the needs of future generations (World Commission on Environment and Development). This refers not only to environmentally sustainable development, but also to the sustainable development of societies and economies (McKenzie, 2004). A presentation given by Garry Peterson (2015) suggests that the earth needs to be acknowledged as a social-ecological…show more content…
If future developers could take into account the need for sustainable development – in which human activities were managed in such a way that restored or improved upon the ecosystems on which we rely – there would be a much greater possibility of reversing our damage and, thus, providing future generations with the ability to thrive sustainably (Cortese,…show more content…
Therefore, it is of great importance that the human race is educated about the relevance of sustainability as well the impacts caused by overpopulation (Cortese, 2003). If men and women were made aware of the effects of overpopulation, and were encouraged to help sustain a population that does not exceed the carrying capacity of the earth, there would be a significant decrease in the total ecological damage done by humans to the environment (Cortese, 2003). This would also result in an increase in the economic resources available per capita, thus resulting in improved living conditions for individuals – including better health care and education, as well as an increase in opportunities for skill development (Cortese,

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