Importance Of Supply Chain Management In South Africa

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sector and it has been used as a policy tool due to the unfair practices that took in the era of apartheid. So now the procurement it is the centre stage of the delivery system in the government and procurement it must be used to help the social, industrial or environmental policies so they can be adhered to. I in South Africa during the apartheid era public procurement it was focusing on large and already recognised contractors, so it was hard for new contractors to take part in the government procurement procedures, so now the public procurement in our country it has been given the constitutional status and it has been accepted as a means of addressing past discriminatory policies and practices. The management of public procurement in South…show more content…
The supply chain management is the important part for the financial management in the South African public sector management. Supply chain management works in a regulatory basis of the national government and extended by the provinces and local government bodies to specific policies, legislation and regulations. The aim of supply chain management is to improve value at the stages of the procurement process from the demand for goods, managing the logistics process and finally, after use, to their disposal. By doing so the supply chain management aims to address the shortages in present practices relating to procurement, contract management, record and asset control and uselessness planning. So accepting the supply chain management policy will ensure the fairness in the bidding and contract documentation. Public procurement challenges in South Africa In our south African public procurement system supply chain management play an essential part, so therefore we use it as a tool for the management of our public procurement practices, so now despite the use of supply chain management as a considered tool or method, the public procurement system in south Africa still faces a huge difficulties, so the following are the challenges that our public procurement faces: Inadequate planning and linking demand to the…show more content…
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