Tactical Thought Vs Tactical Thinking

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3.1.12. Tactical Tactical Thinking is the process of making in-the-moment decisions without any regard to the overall strategic plan. Most often this will occur because the demands of modern day decisions will overwhelm the need for the future. This will normally require a temporary shift in the prioritisation. Tactical Thinking is the process of making in-the-moment decisions without any regard to the overall strategic plan. The Tactical Thinking is about finding ways to get thing done. Thinking within the context of the total awareness picture means that the procedures and the employment of mission critical activities will all work together to reach an end. Tactical Thinking produces very short sightedness. In essence it is an approach…show more content…
Pathological Thought would not see itself nor any other type of thought. This is used to designate thinking that is imbalanced by emotion. Pathological Thoughts is most obvious when it is mixed with negative emotions. This can lead to endless confusion unless the difference between the intent and verbiage is recognised. Logical Thought is not as common as it might seem at first glance. Most people will only think logically when they are presented with some new difficult. It is a process that requires some attention to be directed to each step of the process. When a step is skipped, it has been filled by some assumption, desire or fantasy. Logical Thought is like finding a way through a maze. The end is pre-determined, fixed and immutable but the end is also unknown. Computer systems will follow logical thought. Psychological Thought must always see itself and it will also see the logical and pathological thought. This is a self-evaluating process that focuses on the progress of reflection. It will have a goal of understanding and will evaluate each step in the light of that goal. 3.3. Cognitive psychology view of Human…show more content…
Cognitive psychology will often be heavily involved in running the psychological experiments in involving human participation. It will envelop a much broader scope. It would provide the database of information that would fuel the theory from which cognitive psychologists would operate. Many on the research that would be conducted here would involve non-human subjects that would allow them to delve into areas which would become under ethical scrutiny if it was performed on human participants. 3.3.1. Levels of Processing Depending on the types of questions and problems that the development team face, there will be different levels of thinking skills that can be used. The levels of information processing and thinking is based on Bloom’s Taxonomy. Bloom’s Taxonomy is a system that was setup by Benjamin Bloom as a way to evaluate the levels of intelligence that will be used by people in order to attain knowledge. This will show the different states of behaviour that will be required in order to learn

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