Benefits Of Positive Thinking Essay

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Upon hearing the command to “stay positive” or “keep your chin up”, some would feel annoyed because “staying positive” only means to ignore life’s trials and to live in an imaginary dream world where everything is just fine, right? No. Keeping positive means to look at things from a different angle, a positive angle. Keeping a positive attitude is the best way to respond to conflict. The article 5 Health Benefits Of Positive Thinking states that it’s impossible to live a life without conflict or stress. Anyone who has ever lived can confirm this as true fact. In this world there is disease, war, and simple, everyday inconveniences. Positive thinking can ease stress and even make things seem better than they are. There are many health benefits…show more content…
Louise Ogawa, a teen victim of the Japanese internment camps, remained positive by seeing the beauty of the desert landscape around her. In Louise’s letters to Miss Breed, the Children’s Librarian at the San Diego Public Library, she writes, “This trip has made me realize the wonderful work of nature. Her delicate work in shaping the stone mountains, the beautiful coloring of the surroundings—it seemed as if I was looking at the picture or a painting of a genius” (Ogawa). The infamous Anne Frank also partook in this tactic. Anne seemed to look at things in simply a positive way and was grateful for what she had. In her diary she kept positive notes like, “The Annex is an ideal place to hide in. It may be damp and lopsided, but there's probably not a more comfortable hiding place in all of Amsterdam”, “Father, Mother, and Margot still can't get used to the chiming of the Westertoren clock, which tells us the time every quarter of an hour. Not me, I liked it from the start; it sounds so reassuring, especially at night”, and “Thanks to Father -who brought my entire postcard and movie-star collection here beforehand -and to a brush and a pot of glue, I was able to plaster the wall with pictures. It looks much more cheerful”

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