Walmart Brand Management Strategy

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1.-Introduction to the company Wal-Mart Stores Inc is a multinational retailer corporation of US origin, which operates chains of large discount stores and in 2009 in terms of revenues it was the first company. “This company currently, has 11,000 stores in 27 countries worldwide and each country operates under different names. In UK is known as ASDA”. ”The world headquarters of this big company is in Bentonville, Arkansas, city where his founder Sam Walton started the business (Walmart Corporation, 2014). “Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. helps people around the world save money and live better – anytime and anywhere” (Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire, 2014). 2.-Successful? To evaluate the success of a business, we can cater to different…show more content…
Brand recognition:” While it is true that a brand is more than a logo, maximizing brand recognition by harnessing visual and additive attributes increases the effectiveness of an entire brand management strategy”. (Olson, 2004). Yanrong (2013) claims that there has been an increase in the brand effect and brand equity through the corporate culture encourages Walmart’s good company image. 2. IT strategy: “the IT function delivers two basic outputs: products and services. As a result, the IT function should view itself as a manufacturing entity that creates and delivers ‘things’ to its customers”. (Hayles, 2007). According to Wolf (2014), Walmart is developing a strategy in which is expanding the category of products placed on the market as well as placed in closest sites complementary products. 3. Customer satisfaction: “It is argued that by increasing retention, customer satisfaction secures future revenues and reduces the cost of future customer transactions, such as ones associated with communication, sales and service”. (Anderson, Fornell & Mazvancheryl, 2004). According to Yanrong (2013), in China there is a superior variety of foods in different markets, so Walmart must utilize its supply chain to remove product information present and facilitate flow of foods. Thus, Walmart could attend more types of food and entice more…show more content…
These sales are driven by Walmart’s low cost pricing strategy. In 2010 this company showed revenues of £407,697 million, while in the 2014 fiscal year, the revenues were £476,294 million (Walmart Annual Report, 2014). • The net sales of the company were $443,416 million in 2012 and in 2014 the value of the net sales increased up to $465,604 million. The explication was due to 3.1 % year-over-year growth in retail square feet, higher e-commerce sales and the impact of fiscal 2013 in acquisitions increased (Walmart Annual Report, 2014) • Another key to success is : “The starting point was a relentless focus on meeting customer needs, and on the other hand, prices are low and means that Walmart can save even more by the elimination of expenses promotions” (Stalk, Evans & Shulman, 1992) It can be concluded that Walmart is a successful company. Indeed, the analysis shows that sales and revenues are increasing every year but also that the investment in IT technology and marketing are sufficient to compete with Walmart’s main competitors. Finally, it can be said that Walmart’s is constantly developing its strategic capabilities to remain the best worlds retailer (Fortune 500,

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