Importance Of Service In Hospitality

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For years now, businesses in the hospitality industry have focused in on specific questions to measure these ‘standards’ which they have set for themselves, either as an independently run business or as a branch for a larger scale business. We are all used to being asked these questions asking us how we felt about the service provided or what we thought of the meal/lunch/dinner/ experience or, in a hotel environment, ‘how was your stay?’ According to Haynie, hospitality businesses have taken a number of ‘measures’ to keep on top of feedback relating to guests’ experience: from comment cards in restaurants, to follow up emails after guests check out of a hotel. Haynie goes on to say that the ability to keep check on guest feedback like this is so important as it is ‘a necessary tool for all establishments to grow, succeed and improve upon themselves.’ In this study, I will discuss the following: service quality, standards, customer service, why are they so important…show more content…
The most common response they received to this was that ‘service’ in the food and beverage aspect, refers to the manner of simply ‘presenting a meal to a guest’. They go on to investigate whether there are other meanings for this term ‘service’ when it is used by a professional server. They say service can even relate to the cutlery or utensils needed by a guest or customer in order to enjoy their meal or drinks with a smooth atmosphere- not needing to ask for things. In this sense, service would therefore also relate to everything needed for the table such as plates, glassware, linens, candles, salt/pepper etc. They also believe that service can relate to specific styles, types of dishes/ drinks which could be perhaps grouped together in order to form a certain part of a meal or course- for example a tea or coffee service, a cocktail service or a finger food /canapé service, buffet

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