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This research will focus on assessing port supply chain performance indicators based on the perspectives of port users and port service providers. These indicators will be developed from the dimensions of SCOR model performance attributes and will be evaluated by the Importance-performance Analysis. This study targets port focused supply chain participant (Terminal operators) and port users (particularly shipping lines and freight forwarding). Keywords; Port focused supply chain, Supply chain Performance, SCOR model and Importance – Performance Analysis 1.1. INTRODUCTION In the era of rapid technology and communication, organizations are making their businesses borderless and almost the same transactions, cost and delivery time for outside…show more content…
Many researchers mentioned the complexity of performance measurements in general and in the port context in particular. Beamon (1999) Claimed that availability of large number of performance measures makes measurement selection difficult. Gunasekaran, Patel, and McGaughey (2004) alerted that Performance measurement and metrics in supply chain management requires adequate attention from researchers or practitioners. Bichou & Gray (2004) explained measures of port performance indicators use a range of techniques to assess and the technique may results differently in different ports due to ports dissimilar nature. Bichou (2006) also emphasized on a comprehensive performance measurement system that involves different activities and considers the interest of different…show more content…
The SCOR model is widely used as a standard for analyzing firms supply chain performance. Lai, Ngai, and Cheng (2002) developed 26 measurement items based on SCOR performance attributes for measuring supply chain performance of transport logistic service providers. As explained by Hwang, Lin, & Lyu (2008) the SCOR Model plays a key role to an enterprises in analyzing their supply chain performance, enhancing smooth communication, and designing a better supply chain network. Akyuz and Erkan (2010) provided a critical literature review on supply chain performance measurement and highlighted the significance of the SCOR model as the foundation of the performance management system. According to Agami, Saleh, & Rasmy (2012), SCOR model is the only integrated cross functional framework that links performance measures, best practices and software requirements to a detailed business process

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