Spirit Of Hospitality Case Study

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“Our spirit of hospitality, nurtured over centuries, will provide a unique welcome to visitors.” Omotenashi, the Japanese form of hospitality, is well-known around the globe and was used as a selling point for in Tokyo’s candidature speech for the 2020 Olympic Games. However, to equate omotenashi with hospitality does not fully convey the extent of it. Roughly defined by some as “the spirit of selfless hospitality”, omotenashi has been the hallmark of Japanese tourism, with multiple companies basing their service concept on it, from Shiseido, an international cosmetic giant, to small, family-run inns. The selflessness of omotenashi is expressed through how service staff will go out of their way to anticipate and meet the needs of the customer…show more content…
The idea of being able to provide a seamless and smooth experience for your clients is something that most, if not all, companies strive to achieve, to improve their customer relations and satisfaction, to ensure that they will continue to patronize their company. In such a case, elements of omotenashi can be distilled and applied to meet the needs of the client. This is especially important in today’s society, where the power of the consumer only increases due to globalisation and technology, leading to higher competition. Furthermore, technology also allows for consumers to share their service experience with virtually the entire online community with the click of a button. Hence, providing a good service experience is paramount in maintaining and increasing one’s client base. While omotenashi in its fullness may be an overwhelming experience to some, careful application of certain aspects of it can render it a very powerful tool in helping in not just bringing the service industry, but the manufacturing and product development industries to a whole new level. An important aspect of omotenashi is in anticipating the needs and the wants of the consumer before they even realise it and this can aid in product development, to ensure that the product is marketable. This particular feature of omotenashi was exemplified in some way by the late Steve Jobs when he said “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” Japan has always been an icon for innovation and success to the rest of the world since the post-war era and will continue to be, not just in terms of technology, which is usually what first comes to

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