Essay On Impact Of Technology On Hospitality Industry

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The Impacts of Technology in the Tourism Industry Human Contact vs Technology A literature review was done on Traditional Human-Touch Service and Technology Based Self Service in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry. The purpose of the research was to outline the strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats of both methods and see the impacts that they both have in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry. The literature stated that the qualities that human beings possess such as being able to trust and getting to know someone personally serves as a great advantage over competitors (Chao, Fu, & Lu, 2007). Problems may also arise from human contact such as employees being disrespectful to guests which would not happen if guests were getting information through technology. Due to the variability characteristic of service, human beings will provide…show more content…
Employees can be trained to use high level technology which will lead to work being more efficient and effective therefore technology becoming the human of the future is highly unlikely. The effects of technology such as guests being able to do self-check out, increase speed, time flexibility, having a sense of control are all relevant to the success of a business but humans also are able to provide quality service experiences for guests. Recently Sullivan (2011) just wrote an article from a service perspective. He said implementing self-service in the business was to give consumer no reason to complain, since they are the one providing the service. Nonetheless, he believed also that by doing this people will forget about the importance of customer service. Despite the many positive effects that technology has in the industry we still have to recognize that there are qualities that humans possess that technology cannot

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