Image Manipulation In Advertising

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Visual effects, Image manipulation and 3D technologies play a major role in ads. When an ad is made up for audience it is created with lot of money and creativity where it meets some manipulation in ads i.e. the visual effects. One of the biggest food selling company McDonald's has a big VFX image manipulation An Image showing the real burger and a burger used in advertisement. Why is the image manipulated? Why don’t they give us the shown burger in ad and why is it different in shop or real life? A real life fact is also there behind the burger given in shop and to attract the customer they need to modify the burger in certain lighting and image manipulation takes place but in order to create a burger for an ad it takes several ad for a food stylist to make it and take it to in front of the camera. The shown above image is a burger that was bought…show more content…
Animation plays a role in the form of stop motion and vfx plays a role of motion graphics. The advertisement says how a non veg is kept separately from a veg burger and a love story that runs between them. 1 2 3 4 Another ad from KFC Popcorn Chicken. This ad is made with such a dedication. An ad that takes time to be made in kitchen and then took to the shooting area immediately and shot then and there. But the level of vfx used for a fast food company is so Shocking and surprising. A simple popcorn chicken which flavors any movie you watch is illustrated more in this ad and though the message was that they made the ad focus only on the product by using vfx and music appeal. The image 1,2 and 3 have a extraordinary vfx editing making it look impossible. The chicken is thrown in the air showing it light but a chicken piece is heavy a bit in grams. And finally in the 4th image the KFC POPCORN CHICKEN is shown in a highlighted way using a vfx and animation
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