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Most of the time, J.R.R Tolkien uses Gandalf as a savior and a guide. When Bilbo and the dwarves need help on their adventure, Gandalf always barely rescues them just in time. For example, when William, Bert, and Tom the trolls are holding Bilbo and the dwarves captive, Gandalf comes and makes the tolls bicker until sunlight kills them. An example of the trolls argument is when they argue about how to roast the dwarves, ““No good roasting 'em now, it’d take all night,” said a voice. Bert thought it was William's. “Don't start the argument all over-again. Bill,” he said, “or it will take all night.” “Who's a-arguing?” said William, who thought it was. Bert that had spoken. “You are,” said Bert. “You're a liar,” said William”. In another past chapter, when Bilbo and the dwarves are almost going to be killed by the goblins, Gandalf gives them a chance to escape and get away from the goblins. This is…show more content…
During this section, we see the important role that storytelling plays in the culture of Middle Earth. Why is Beorn so tolerant of Gandalf, Bilbo, and the dwarves after hearing the wizard’s story? What does this tell us about the importance of storytelling in a culture? (p. 124). Beorn is tolerant after Gandalf’s story because he gains respect for them and sees what a hard journey they were through meeting the goblins and traveling all the way to Beorn’s place. Also, since Gandalf introduced the dwarves during the story, the story is more interesting and Beorn pays more attention to it. Since the story was so important for Gandalf to tell, storytelling is important everywhere. Storytelling can be important because it can change the way people think of you. They could earn you respect and the other person will learn a little more about you. 6. Despite his initially intimidating presence, Beorn is very kind and hospitable toward his guests. What might this tell us about the role of hospitality in society? What does it mean to be “hospitable” in today’s

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