Critical Analysis Of The Eastern And Oriental Hotel, Penang

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1.0. Introduction The purpose of this assignment is to critically analyze one of the hospitality organizations. Our choice was the Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang. The reason we choose the organization is partly due to the rich heritage behind the hotel brand and our good experience during our industry training. With premier facilities the Eastern & Oriental hotel stands apart the crowded hospitality landscape in Penang. The following assessment is a details research behind the hospitality organization itself, the staff, the managerial team, and the Eastern & Oriental culture. In order to fulfill the requirements of the assignment we have employed research methodologies such as, one on one interviews, online research and also consulting…show more content…
It incorporates a wide range of concepts including beliefs and the accepted norms and behaviour. When we put culture in the context of a workplace, organization culture then reflects what the organization believes and upholds; interact and communicate, how the organization work. The management improve the organization culture by articulating their vision and mission. An organization’s leaders must clearly understand its vision well therefore their employees can see how they future to its success. This vision includes the company’s core values, it consider to customer service, and how it defines performance and operational excellence. The challenge lies in being able to articulate these grand concepts in short, summarizing statements that every employee understands. Other than that, an organization can communicate clearly and openly to build a strong culture. In a degenerate culture where no information is provided to the employees, gossip and rumors rush in to fill the void. Leaders are not pleased to share intimate details, but they should never be dishonest in what they do reveal. When trust is lost, it is very difficult to…show more content…
For example, the duty manager send the email to every different department manager and the manager will inform to the employees while briefing in between of the shift to make sure every employees will get the information. On the other hand, they also communicate by phone devices application for example WhatsApp or WeChat. The employees will receive the message immediately that what had happen and can solve it on the spot, for example which outlets had fussy guests and they will take note. Every different departments or outlets have a notice board to keep the employees update on what is the hotel happening for examples VIP of the day take note, complaints employees can have improvement and motivate words to motivate the employees. 8.0 Co – produce the service experience 8.1 Successful Guest

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