Importance Of Self Assessment

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Without knowing who we are, we will never fully understand our self. To find out who we are it means knowing our eccentricities and idiosyncrasies, what we like and what not, our tolerances and inhibitions. As well as our strengths, weaknesses, passions, fears, desires, and dreams. Our personality, values, attitudes, and emotions reflect our philosophy in life and leadership style. To be an effective leader, you must know yourself first. Self-assessment helps us identify things we need to improve. In this paper, I will discuss who I am, the leadership style that appeals to me and reflects on my philosophy of care. I will also enumerate how I will apply this leadership style in future practice in a healthcare organization. Self-Assessment and…show more content…
My highest scores are in areas of Resilience/Hardiness, Self-Control, Adaptable Social Skills, Striving, Problem-Solving, and Coping. These factors reflect my childhood upbringing. I was raised in a third-world country, and my parents were poor. We survive by a dollar a day by eating corn and vegetables planted by my grandparents in our backyard. My family made education and children a priority, and they thought me to dream big and work hard. The difficulty that I have encountered in my upbringing made me very appreciative of everything that happens to me. Looking back twenty years ago, I am lucky to be where I am right now. Hardships I faced build my stronger…show more content…
But there are some disadvantages; one is staffing issue due to late and absenteeism. There is a compact of agreement between the federal government, the union and the staff. Whenever the managers try to implement specific measures to control these things, it always ends up with the union proceedings which in turn makes the managers look bad. It is imperative that transformational leadership should be implemented, to motivate them to come to work by giving awards, recognition, and help the subordinates to grow, succeed as well as to perform ethically at work (MindTools,

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